15 - 18 September 2021, Piacenza - Italy

Geofluid 2021 was a successful event, which was enjoyed by everyone who attended. Our heartfelt thanks goes to all those who visited the Comacchio stand!


GEOFLUID 2021_immagine

The 2021 edition of Geofluid closed on a positive note, with results exceeding expectations, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. The excitement of going back to in-person meetings and events has contributed to creating a special atmosphere and turned the show into a convivial experience that gave us the opportunity to present a wide selection of machines ranging from small units designed for geotechnical site investigation projects to large piling machines of the CH line.

The CH line was at the center of attention with the debut of the CH 150, an extremely compact piling machine installed on an excavator base carrier covering a wide spectrum of pile construction activities in limited access conditions. The launch of the CH 150 was accompanied by the presentation of the CH 320, an extremely versatile piling machine in the 30 ton weight class, which had already been introduced into the market earlier this year, but never exhibited at an in-presence event until now.

Geofluid was also the occasion to introduce some novelties of the MC line of micropiling and anchoring rigs, with the debut of the new version of the MC 14, which has gone through a ground up redevelopment process based on the introduction of a new patented undercarriage, and the presentation of the MC 20 A, a heavy-duty anchoring machine that ensures 100% hands-free handling of rods and casings, setting new standards in terms of productivity and safety.

The Comacchio GEO line of geotechnical and environmental site investigation equipment also enjoyed success thanks to the new GEO PC penetrometer and the GEO 305 drill rig with Sonic configuration.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who participated in the Thursday evening event, which saw the handout of the Comacchio rig serial number 4000 to the longstanding distributor of Comacchio JKS Boyles UK Ltd.

Click here to watch the video of the event.