MC 6 V

Compact rig for mini piling

The MC 6 V is the new MC 6 drill rig version specifically designed with a focus on vertical applications in low clearance and limited access jobsites. The machine stands out for its compact size, which together with the variable-width undercarriage system and the robust modular mast construction make it particularly suitable for indoor operations, underpinning, renovation of existing structures, bridge extensions, etc. The rig can be supplied with a wide choice of rotary heads for both rotary and rotary-percussive drilling techniques. In particular, it can be supplied in "F" configuration, designed for mini piling using both solid stem and hollow stem CFA augers. The MC 6 V carries an exceptionally powerful engine for its weight category, and thanks to the use of advanced modular hydraulic circuits it can accommodate a high torque rotary head (delivering up to 2400 daNm), achieving remarkably high productivity without the high mobilization costs associated with larger machines. The machine is completely radio controlled thanks to the innovative Comacchio radio control system. Like all Comacchio machines, the MC 6 V can be customized according to specific needs.


Engine Power 100 kW ( 134 HP)
Max Width 1.100 - 1.600 mm 3.6 - 5.2 ft
Weight 5.800 - 6.000 kg 12,700 - 13,200 lbs
Mast Feed 1.450 - 3.300 mm 4.7 - 10.8 ft
Feed Force 5.000 daN 11,240 lbs
Retract Force 5.000 daN 11,240 lbs
Rotary Torque 450 - 2.325 daNm 3,319 - 17,148 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 80 - 210 rpm
Clamp Range  45 - 325 mm 1.8 - 12.8 in