BAUMA 2022


24 - 30 October 2022, Munich - Germany

After 3.5 challenging years, bauma 2022 has proven to be the heartbeat of the industry and a success for Comacchio.

BAUMA 2022_immagine

The 33rd Edition of the World's Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material MachinesMining MachinesConstruction Vehicles and Construction Equipment has once again proven to be the heartbeat of the industry with around 3,200 exhibitors from 60 countries and more than 495,000 visitors from over 200 countries.

Among the many innovations presented by Comacchio, the one that stole the spotlight was the new eGEO 405, a fully electric soil investigation machine. This project marks a significant change with respect to the multiple electric solutions offered by Comacchio, based on the use of three-phase motors connected to the mains supply. The power supply of the eGEO 405 is given by a battery pack installed on the machine, which eliminates the need to be connected to a power cable on site. The limits related to battery life are overcome through the concept of the "continuous work cycle", developed around the idea of ​​being able to guarantee continuous operation of the machine, in any condition. The advantages that the eGEO 405 offers compared to its diesel-powered “sister” are not limited to the ability to drill with zero emissions. The electric drill rig ensures higher energy efficiencylower noise emissions and optimal operational precision.

The issue of sustainability was also addressed with the new MC 15P GT, a dedicated machine for the shallow geothermal sector. The rig features an articulation system developed starting from micropiling machines, which facilitates precise positioning on the hole. Compact and powerful, the MC 15P GT is equipped with a 205 kW engine and a Comacchio double head system that offers 3200 daNm of torque on the lower head and 1600 daNm on the upper one. The set-up is completed by the 200 l / min water pump and the hydraulic crane mounted on the machine, which greatly facilitates the installation of geothermal heat exchangers. With the MC 15P GT Comacchio takes a further step forward in the process of optimization of geothermal drilling processes, aimed at ensuring maximum operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The major attraction of the stand (if only for the size) was the new CHF 900, the latest and the largest Comacchio piling machine. The CHF 900 is a dedicated rig for CFA drilling and is part of a larger project for the launch of a 90-ton-class multipurpose machine, with which Comacchio aims to complete its range of piling rigs. The set-up exhibited at Bauma includes a mast with 26.8 m stroke and a 6 m auger extension, equipped with a 4th line pull system that allows for the construction of CFA piles up to 32.5 m deep, using 27 m long augers. The maximum diameter of the augers is 1200 mm. Particular attention was paid to the development of the rotary head. This too is the result of a dedicated project for CFA drilling and is capable of delivering 256 kNm of actual torque (280 kNm nominal torque) and reaching a speed of 40 rpm. All this makes the CHF 900 a unique machine of its kind, which has no equivalent on the market in the same weight category.

In addition to the presentation of new products, the fair was an opportunity to strengthen relations with the Comacchio sales network and customers, after a difficult period marked by the pandemic and geopolitical challenges of the last year. We would therefore like to thank all those who visited us during Bauma, and especially our customers and dealers who contributed to the success of the event!