CH 450


The CH 450, where 450 stays for the weight class of 45 tons, is the first machine of the new Comacchio product division for large diameter drilling. The latest addition to the Comacchio range is the ideal solution for job sites that require fast operating times. 

CH 450_immagine

The machine is totally self-erecting, and can be transported as one piece with the kelly mounted. Once on site, the machine is simply downloaded from the truck and set up without any crane service. The lifting of the mast can be performed in total safety in just a few minutes.

The CH 450 is a multipurpose rig designed to cover a wide range of processes that include bored piles with kelly bars, continuous flight auger (CFA), micro-piles, displacement piles and soil mixing. The machine can be supplied both in CPD version (with cylinder pull down) and WPD version (with winch pull down) and can mount kelly bars with a maximum length of 12.5 to 13.5 m (CPD-WPD) and with a variable outer diameter, including HD (heavy duty) bars and XHD (extra heavy duty) bars.

The high torque and high speed rotary head is equipped with a computer system that controls and monitors the drilling parameters and performance, run by a software that has been exclusively designed for Comacchio and equipped with a 12.1” touch screen.

The maximum diameter in CPD is 1,500 and / or 2,000 mm, while in the WPD version the max. diameter is 1,300 and / or 2,000 mm. The drilling radius goes from a minimum of 3,000 mm to a maximum of 3,800 mm. The maximum depth with friction kelly (WPD) is 62.9 m, which become 50.4 m with locking kelly.

Operating weight without tool amounts to 43,100 kg in CPD and 44,800 kg in WPD.

In the CFA version, the CH 450 can be used with augers up to 1.000 mm in diameter and 17 m length, which can be increased to 22.5 with the appropriate extension. But Comacchio also offers a special CFA version that can achieve a depth of 24 meters.