The new CH 320


The CH 320 is the latest addition to the Comacchio range of piling machines, the first in the 30 ton weight category featuring a winch pull-down system.

The new CH 320_immagine

The CH 320 is the evolution of the CH 300, a compact and lightweight machine, easy and quick to set up, ideally suited for job sites of short duration that require frequent operations of transport, setting up and dismantling. Unlike the CH 300, the new CH 320 features a winch pull-down system (WPD), adapting to a wide range of drilling technologies, with a view to maximum versatility. It has been designed with a particular focus on drilling projects that require temporary casing for drilled shaft installation, typically  in case of soft soils and shallow water table. Using the rotary drive for casing installation, the CH 320 can handle casings of up to 880 mm in diameter. For uncased bored piles, the maximum diameter ranges from 1180 mm to up to 1500 mm with the tool below mast, reaching a maximum pile depth of 47.5 m. In addition to the kelly set-up, the CH 320 can be configured for the construciton of CFA piles of up to 800 mm diameter, thanks to a special quick conversion kit. The conversion takes a few hours and can be performed directly at the job site. In the Quick CFA configuration, the machine offers 250 kN extraction force and can reach a maximum pile depth of 18 m (with 7 m extension). Thanks to the versatility of the WPD system, the CH 320 can be also configured for the construction of FDP piles and soil mixing. It can also be utilized for micropile installation.

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