The New MC 13 F


The MC 13 F is the new rig of the F-line series of machines that Comacchio is developing for the "mini" piling sector.

The New MC 13 F_immagine

The "F-line" machines (where F stands for "Flight augers") are specifically designed for the installation of mini piles using solid stem and CFA augers. The MC 13 F is a 16-tonne class drill rig powered by a 160 kW engine and featuring a robust 19.5-tonne mast. The modular mast structure allows for a feed stroke ranging from 3.500 to 8.600 mm, with an option to add a 2.5 m auger extension allowing the machine to drill up to 11 m deep without adding additional auger sections. The mast design was simplified to raise from its near horizontal transport position to vertical and has a 5° (or 15°, depending on mast length) side slew offering maximum performance for vertical drilling. The MC 13 F is equipped with a "heavy duty" rotary head delivering up to 5,500 daNm torque. This rotary head features a 4" swivel for grout flushing or concrete injection. New hydraulic casing clamps were designed to allow the use of 660 mm casings or 600 mm diameter augers.  The machine can be used for all other rotary and rotary-percussive drilling methods, including high efficiency large diameter down-the-hole hammers with up to 600 mm diameter. Presented during the Open House held by the UK dealer JKS Boyles beginning of March, the MC 13 F will be available for rent in the UK through Rig Services Ltd.