The new MC 3


At Bauma 2019 Comacchio expands its offering of compact lightweight drill rigs for limited access jobsites with the launch of the new MC 3. 

The new MC 3_immagine

The MC 3 is an extremely compact and lightweight multipurpose drilling machine  designed for easy mobilization, operation in limited space and difficult access conditions (for example inside buildings, shafts, cellars and small tunnels). To allow this, the MC 3 is equipped with a variable width undercarriage that allows access through entrances as narrow as 900 mm. The MC 3 can be used for many types of construction drilling operations such as micro-pile, soil nailing, anchors, foundations, foundation repair and ground consolidation. The rig features a patented mast articulation system that has been developed to ensure a small footprint to operate in restricted or limited access job site. Thanks to the modular mast construction the rig can be operated both in open-site and low-headroom conditions and offers a variety of feed lengths to handle various tooling types.

To meet the new emission regulations and particle number (PN) emission limits, the MC 3 features Stage V technology (EPA Tier 4 Final) including DOC and DPF. The use of the most advanced engine design and post-treatment technology, combined with an intelligent electronically controlled heat dissipation system that adjusts the rotation speed of the cooling fan to the actual operating requirements of the rig, optimizes performance while reducing environmental impact in terms of noise, emissions and fuel consumption. For safer and easier operation in limited access conditions, the MC 3 is equipped with the Comacchio remote radio control system managing all functions, including drilling, tracking and set-up.