The new MC 4


With the new MC 4, the range of Comacchio rigs for vertical applications has been expanded with its most compact unit. 

The new MC 4_immagine

The MC 4 is a drilling rig weighing 4t equipped with a robust 5000 daN mast featuring simplified articulation. The rig can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to support any type of rotary or rotory-percussive drilling system. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions, this drill rig is particularly suitable for operating in low-headroom conditions and in confined spaces.
The first unit was delivered to the UK in the "F-Line configuration", designed for the construction of small foundation piles (mini piling) with the use of solid or hollow bore CFA augers. This configuration includes a rotatry head delivering up to 2,325 daNm torque equipped with a 4 "swivel. The mast has been fitted with a new type of clamp designed to allow the use of 508 mm casings and 450 mm augers.