Some projects need foundation construction in areas where headroom is restricted by existing structures, overhead utilities or other constraints. In order to meet there requirements, Comacchio launches the new MC 6 F.

THE NEW MC 6 F_immagine

The MC 6 F (where F stands for Flight) is a compact and powerful drill rig specifically designed to install CFA and cased auger mini piles in restricted areas, with a headroom as low as 2.6 m.

The MC 6 F is equipped with a 85 kW diesel engine (Stage 3B / Tier 4 Interim) and features simplified kinematics, a special 520 mm casing clamp and a high torque rotary head delivering up to 2400 daNm torque, for CFA augers with up to 500 mm diameter and 508 mm casings. Thanks to the proprietary Comacchio radio control system, all the functions of the MC 6 F, including tramming, drilling and machine set-up can be easily managed from one console.

In ground conditions that are favorable for CFA installation, this machine offers a quicker and more cost effective solution as compared to traditional (high strength) micropiles, with additional benefits in terms of noise and vibration reduction.

Possible applications include:

- Underpinning

- Renovation of existing structures

- Bridge extensions in difficult access job sites