eGEO 405

The eGEO 405 is the first fully electric Comacchio machine, the first in the world specifically designed for soil investigations and environmental drilling. This project marks a significant change with respect to the already numerous electric solutions proposed by Comacchio, based on the use of three-phase motors connected to the mains supply. The power supply of the eGEO 405 is given by a battery pack installed on the machine, which eliminates the need to be connected to a power cable on site. The limits related to battery life are overcome through the concept of the "continuous drilling cycle", that guarantees continuous operation of the machine, in any condition, thanks to the interchangeable design of the battery pack. The advantages that the eGEO 405 offers compared to its diesel-powered “sister” are not limited to the ability to drill with zero emissions. The electric drill rig ensures higher energy efficiency, lower noise emissions and optimal operational precision.


Battery Pack 350 VDC (78 kWh - 222 Ah)
Max Width 1.500 mm 4.9 ft
Weight 8.500 - 9.500 kg 18,700 - 20,900 lbs
Mast Feed 3.500 mm 11.5 ft
Feed Force 4.500 daN 10,116 lbs
Retract Force 6.500 daN 14,612 lbs
Rotary Peak Torque 850 daNm 6,269 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Max. 650 rpm
Clamp Range 45 - 325 mm 1.8 - 12.8 in