MC 9

The MC 9 is a versatile and powerful hydraulic drilling rig designed for foundation and ground improvement applications with the use of all rotary and/or rotary-percussion drilling systems. Thanks to the "long reach" configuration of the mast, the MC 9 is extremely agile and is particularly suitable for the installation of self-drilling hollow bar systems. The MC 9 is the ideal solution for construction sites with unconventional shape or geometry, and is often used for the installation of excavation support systems at elevated heights. Depending on jobsite requirements, the machine can be supplied with different boom and mast configurations and can be equipped with a wide choice of rotary heads with hydraulic hammers. To make the operator's work easier and safer, the MC 9 provides specific solutions for the automated handling of self-drilling hollow bars and is supplied with the innovative Comacchio radio control system.


Engine Power 97 - 100 kW (130 - 134 HP)
Max Width 1.800 - 2.600 mm 5.9 - 8.5 ft
Weight 9.500 - 10.000 kg 20,000 - 22.000 lbs
Mast Feed 3.400 mm 11.1 ft
Feed Force 2.500 daN 5,620 lbs
Retract Force 2.500 daN 5,620 lbs
Rotary Torque 88 - 1.100 daNm 649 - 8,113 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 43 - 360 rpm
Clamp Range 32 - 170 mm 1.2 - 6.7 in