The rods and casings handling device mountable on excavators CPH was especially designed to eliminate the need of manual handling of drilling tools on job site, offering great advantages in terms of productivity and safety. The CPH is available in different versions and can be used to load and unload rods and casings of various diameters from 60 to 300 mm, up to 6000 mm in length, either with single rods, for open-hole drilling techniques, or with a combination of rods and casings, for cased drilling systems. The CPH can be supplied with two or three clamps.


Excavator engine power  33,8 - 53.7 kW (46 - 73 HP)
Clamping range 60 – 305 mm 2.4 – 12.0 in
Single tubes length 2.000 – 4.000/6.000 mm 6.6 – 13.1/19.7 ft
Double tubes length 2.000/3.000/4.500 mm 6.6/9.8/14.7 ft