MC 3 D

Separate power pack

The MC 3D is a hydraulic drilling rig with a separate power pack, suitable for the execution of ground engineering works in confined or low overhead spaces and difficult access jobsites in general. This is possible due to the modular mast construction as well as the rig’s wide range of movements. Depending on the job site requirements, this machine can be supplied with a soundproof diesel power pack or with electric power pack. Thanks to the use of advanced modular hydraulic circuits, the MC 3D can accommodate a wide range of rotary heads and drilling accessories. The machine can be equipped with hydraulic proportional servo-assisted controls or with the innovative Comacchio radio control system. Like all Comacchio machines, the MC 3D can be customized according to specific needs. 


Engine Power 33 - 55 kW (44 - 74 HP)
Max Width 750 - 1.150 mm 2.5 - 3.7 ft
Weight 2.600-3.100+1.000-2.300 kg  5,700-6,800+2,200-5,000 lbs
Mast Feed 1.200 - 2.200 mm 3.9 - 7.2 ft
Feed Force 2.500 daN 5,620 lbs
Retract Force 2.500 daN 5,620 lbs
Rotary Torque 200 - 510 daNm 1,475 - 3,761 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 80 - 580 rpm
Clamp Range 45 - 220 mm 1.8 - 8.6 in