MC 12 P

Patented mast articulation

The MC 12 P is a versatile and powerful hydraulic drilling rig covering a wide range of engineering works such as micropiles, anchors, soil nailing and ground improvement in general. The rig’s patented mast articulation ability, compact size and variety of mast positions and inclinations allow for operation even in confined spaces. The oscillating tracked undercarriage equipping the MC 12 P ensures stability and maneuverability in any jobiste conditions. Thanks to the powerful engine and advanced modular hydraulic circuits, the MC 12 P can utilize a wide range of rotary heads, hydraulic drifters, double head systems, water and mud pumps and is suitable for rotary or rotary-percussive drilling. The machine can be equipped with hydraulic proportional servo-assisted controls or with radio control. Like all Comacchio rigs, the MC 12 P can be customized according to the specific needs.


Engine Power 129 kW (174 HP)
Max Width 2.240 mm 7.3 ft
Weight 13.000 - 15.000 kg 28,660 - 33,070 lbs
Mast Feed 1.980 - 4.000 mm 6.5 - 13.1 ft
Feed Force 5.400 daN 12,140 lbs
Retract Force 5.400 daN 12,140 lbs
Rotary Torque 1.000 - 2.325 daNm 7,376 - 17,148 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 80 - 290 rpm
Clamp Range 45 - 435 mm 1.8 - 17.1 in