MC 20 A

Automated handling of rods and casings

The MC 20 A is a compact yet powerful drilling rig designed with a special focus on demanding heavy-duty applications such as double head drilling with dual rotary or a rotary/rotary-percussion system (with top or down-the-hole hammers). To ensure enhanced mobility and stability while operating with heavy drilling systems, the MC 20 A features oscillating crawler tracks as a standard. The enhanced stability and fully articulated kinematics of the rig allow for safe work even in confined spaces. A major feature of the MC 20 A is the innovative carousel, which allows for mechanised handling of drill rods and casings, increasing productivity and safety. The carousel can handle up to 9 pairs of rods and casings, reaching a maximum drill string length of 30 m. To further speed up the processes on site, the MC 20 A can be offered with the Comacchio patented casing extractor. Thanks to the Comacchio all-in-one radio control system, the MC 20 A is fully remote controlled, including rod handling functions.


Engine Power 209 kW (280 HP)
Max Width 2.500 mm 8.2 ft
Weight 20.500 - 22.000 kg 45,200 - 48,500 lbs
Mast Feed 5.000 - 5.600 mm 16.4 - 18.4 ft
Feed Force 10.000 daN 22,480 lbs
Retract Force 10.000 daN 22,480 lbs
Rotary Torque 1.500 - 3.100 daNm 11,064 - 22,862 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 68 - 153 rpm
Clamp Range 45 - 365 mm 1.8 - 14.4 in