MC 15 P

Heavy Duty Versatility

Based on the concept of the MC 15, the MC 15 P offers higher performance thanks to the superior motorization capable of delivering up to 168 kW (225 HP) of power. The MC 15 P is a "multipurpose" machine that can carry out any type of foundation and soil consolidation drilling project, from micro-piles to jet grouting, as well as anchors and soil nailing. A distinctive feature of the MC 15 P is the variety of movements and inclination angles of the mast that this rig can reach. The machine can mount a wide selection of rotary heads, hydraulic hammers, water and mud pumps, winches and loaders for drilling rods. The fully flexible design lends itself to a wide range of drilling processes using rotary and rotary/percussion techniques. The increased performance of the engine makes it particularly suitable for the use of drilling techniques with double-head systems.


Engine Power 168 kW (225 HP)
Max Width 2.300 mm 7.5 ft
Weight  16.500 - 18.500 kg 36,400 - 40,700 lbs
Mast Feed 3.550 - 7.000 mm 11.6 - 22.9 ft
Feed Force 8.000 daN 17,984 lbs
Retract Force 8.000 daN 17,984 lbs
Rotary Torque 1.000 - 3.100 daNm 7,375 - 22,864 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 48 - 260 rpm
Clamp Range 45- 530 mm 1.8 - 20.9 in