MC 14

Compact size and high performance

Born in 2008, the MC 14 is a high performance hydraulic drilling rig designed for civil engineering works such as micropiles, anchors and general ground improvements. In 2021 the rig has gone through a ground up redevelopment process based on the introduction of a new patented undercarriage. The new MC 14 features an innovative undercarriage offering enhanced stability and manoeuvrability on uneven ground while keeping the rigs width within a minimum of 1800 mm.  The rig’s mast articulation ability, compact size and variety of mast positions and inclinations allow for operation even in confined spaces. The powerful engine allows for the installation of a wide range of drill heads and accessories. The result is that the MC 14 can perform a wide range of drilling technologies, with a special focus on double head drilling (both in rotary/rotary mode and rotary/rotary‐percussion mode). The enhanced stability and mobility required while operating with such heavy drilling systems is achieved through the new patented undercarriage, making the MC 14 ideally suited for demanding anchoring and slope stabilization projects in unstable ground conditions. The standard features of the MC 14 include the innovative Comacchio radio control system, which can electronically manage all functions. Like all Comacchio rigs, the MC 14 can be customized according to the specific needs of the customer.


Engine Power 142 kW (190 HP)
Max Width 1.820 - 2.300 mm 6 - 7.6 ft
Weight 14.000 - 15.000 kg 30,800 - 33,000 lbs
Mast Feed 1.945 - 3.745 mm 6.4 - 12.9 ft
Feed Force 5.400 daN 12,140 lbs
Retract Force 5.400 daN 12,140 lbs
Rotary Torque 1.300 - 2.325 daNm 9,588 - 17,148 lb*ft
Rotary Speed Range 135 - 290 rpm
Clamp Range 45 - 365 mm 1.8 - 14.4 in